At a turning point in my life, I didn't know how to deal with one particular weakness. Stuart helped me to understand my situation and gave me the confidence I needed. It is without doubt that I recommend Stuart because his process and questioning allowed me to think outside of my comfort zone.
Steph Letourneau, Madagascar 
I experienced Stuart 's ability to use very solid business coaching tools and techniques to help me identify personal goals to improve my lifestyle. 
I particularly enjoyed the parallels between business and lifestyle and the forgotten realization of how they travel hand in hand.
Open and trustworthy with a very welcoming style, Stuart helped me to search for my answers in the right places.
Stefano Mancini, Italy
I can wholeheartedly recommend Stuart: As a life coach A personal fitness trainer Also as a person.  I have had a short course of life coaching....very illuminating to one's self. It helped develop my confidence & self-believing abilities. It also clarified a few things that I was having trouble recognising.
I have also spent 7 weeks summer 2018 under the guidance of Stuart in a strict fitness regime.  Stuart offers the whole package for a full body & mind makeover. I’m 50 years old & I’ve haven’t felt this good in 20 years!

Yaz CaRd, UK
One to one coaching with Stuart has had a huge impact on my life; not just for fitness and nutrition but for motivation. He really understands what I need and want, but also what I don’t realise I need until he mentions it. During a one to one session and afterwards I am constantly thinking and working out what I need to do next in order for my life to get where it needs to be. It isn’t always easy, but Stuart's supportive nature and caring attitude makes me realise that I can achieve what I want to achieve. If you're not sure about one to one coaching  I would say "just take a leap and do it".
Chloe Willis, UK 

My struggle with fitness and eating habits has been a constant throughout my adult life. I first met Stu at a Bootcamp and quickly realised the calm and collected motivational skills he possessed. Not only does he push you to get results but he also backs this up with brilliant and in-depth mind coaching sessions. Stu strips it right back to find out what is going to make a difference to your habits, choices and therefore results! I would recommend Stu for training whether that be for the body or the mind. He has a personal yet professional approach and I’d happily say I wouldn’t be where I was today without that guidance.
Josh Howell, UK
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