Education Workshops

Universities and colleges appreciate the value of our student-focused personal development and awareness courses, which address issues such as social pressure, communication, learning styles and mind set, allowing students to overcome challenges and reach their potential.
Bespoke workshops engage with groups to facilitate learning from a number of common issues experienced in the education system, providing participants with the knowledge to embrace new coping strategies and enhance  their future success and employability.

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Current Projects​

We are currently working with the Business and Enterprise team at the University of Cumbria across their 3 campus locations in Carlisle, Lancaster and Ambleside.

Our bespoke workshops currently include the following -  ​​

TEAM Dynamics

Year 2/3 Performing Arts students took part in our team dynamics workshop to understand the unconscious, psychological forces that influence the direction of a team's behaviour

and performance.

As part of their course these students work together to produce several performances and events. Improving their awareness of team dynamics and the effect they have on each other, reduces stress
and increases effectiveness.

Goal Setting

Our Goal Setting workshop has been used for several different courses and years.

* Improve Performance
* Increase Motivation
* Sense of Focus and Direction
* Confidence
* Increase Energy Levels and Desire

All these are positive attributes of both students and academics


Our bespoke Communication workshops have ranged from a small interactive group of 6-8 students to a 2 hour talk to 60 students. Effective communication has massive benefits for everyone not only in the education system.

We cover -

* Types of Communication
* Barriers to Communication
* Benefits of Effective Communication
* Change Management and Awareness
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